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Rat & Mice Removal in Stevenage

Rats & mice are all around us but when they start to invade our homes, bins & communal areas, our aim to provide a rapid solution for residents in Stevenage. Rats & mice are fast, efficient breeding machines & numbers can soon spiral out of control if not dealt with effectively.

Not only do rats and mice spread disease as they hunt around your home or business premises for food and somewhere to stay, their chewing on  items they come across to make nests and your electrics can cause lots of damage around your home.

If you spot a mouse or rat in your home it’s most likely they are not on their own, and if not dealt with quickly then they will start to setup home and breed.

If you are based in Stevenage and have an infestation or suspect their are mice or rats in your property call us today and we will investigate to find the problem and help you remove any mice or rats you may have.

Signs you may need Mice removal in Stevenage

If you find that you have mice in your property then their numbers can quickly multiply and they can become extremely difficult to control. Mice have flexible skeletons which allow them to squeeze through the smallest of gaps around your property.

Mice can sometimes be spotted however common signs in the home are often hearing noises in your loft or ceilings, you may start see mouse dropping around your home, mice are nocturnal so you may find mice droppings in the morning, they are often found around food sources such as cabinets, cupboards, shelves, worktops or skirting boards.

Mice reproduce at an extremely fast rate with their litters being as large as 14 with as many as 10 litters in a year! If you spot mice in your home or work place contact us as soon as possible, or mouse removal service is just what you need.

Signs you may need Rat removal in Stevenage

If you think that you have rats in your home or place of work then it’s important that you remove them as soon as possible. Rats can spread disease, damage your home and contaminate both your food and your pets. Rats are normally the most active in the evenings so your may not actually spot one but there are a few tell tail signs.

The most common signs of rats in your property are rat droppings they will leave droppings mainly in the evening. Their droppings are usually dark brown, pointed and look a bit like a grain of rice.

You may occasionally spot a rat however as they are nocturnal it is unlikely, rats do however have greasy fur so you may spot grease marks against walls and skirting boards. Rats may also leave small footprints or tail marks in dusty areas this is another sign to look out for. You may also hear noises in your ceiling, loft or wall spaces, some types of rats are better climbers than others. Also watch out for bite marks,rats will chew anything to file their teeth down so look out for marks in wood, metal, plastics and even concrete!

If you have a mouse or rat problem in Stevenage, call us today!


  • I recently had a problem with mice - this was something I'd never experienced before and believed you put a trap down with a piece of cheese to catch 'em! ? Seriously though from the minute Mark arrived his service was amazing. Friendly and professional from start to finish. He fully and clearly explained the process he would go through to solve the issue. He not only inspected inside but outside too to investigate their source of entry. He revisited on several occasions to check everything and the progress of his work until he was satisfied the mice had gone and always left things neat and tidy too. If you are looking for a friendly, professional, thorough pest control service I can truly say I would recommend him to anyone!
  • Thanks so much for coming round this morning, so quickly after we spoke and particularly given the current restrictions (Corona). Whilst the confirmation its only bats was a relief, the fact you didn’t charge was extremely kind. I’ll certainly let you know if there is a need in future and pass your name on for any recommendations. - Many thanks, Robin
  • Hi Mark" wanted to post a review but thought I would email instead to say thank you for the great service you gave me and mum recently. We had an annoying mole problem which was especially heartbreaking as the lawn had been newly laid. Nothing was too much trouble and you visited repeatedly until the problem was resolved. You even secured a broken fence panel which you noticesd during one of your visits. Service above and beyond!! Thank you and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you so please feel free to post this review. Enjoyed the company of Aggie too !!
  • June
    Dear Mark, Thank you for sorting out the wasps nest at my parents house on Friday evening. We were very impressed by your quick response and the way in which you dealt with the problem. You even called the next day to ensure evreything was ok. You were extremely efficient and polite. After dusting the wasps nest, you made sure the surrounding area was completely clean of dust. We will recommend you to friends and neighbours and also where I work. Thanks again. Kind regards, June
  • Anne
    Dear Mark & Hudson, Just to say thank you for you help! "Fantastic, speedy service. With us within two hours! Wasps all gone in one treatment. Very professional and very reasonable. Many Thanks!" (If you need to state a name please can you list as Stoneyhills rather than my name - thanks) Kind Regards, Anne
  • Joan Yates
    Good morning Mark Just to say a very big thank you for coming to Ashwell last week to assist us with our wasp infestation It was great to meet you and your very handsome dog, Hudson. We were so impressed with not only the speed with which you responded to our emailed request for help, but how quickly you were able to fit us into to your diary for a visit the next day. It was fascinating to hear about how the wasps would behave, and you looked like a White Knight in your protective clothing! You were kind enough to come again to visit us two days later, when we realised that there was a further nest, which was in addition to the three you had already dealt with, at no extra charge. Thanks again, for excellent service, and the chance to meet a very beautiful and well behaved Hudson, who just seems to take it all in his stride Warm regards Joan Yates
    Joan Yates
  • Lisa
    Excellent service well recommended. Friendly, helpful, good time keeping. Would defo use again but hopefully won't need to 🙂 Thanks for all ur help Lisa
  • Anne
    My business involves members of the public and therefore it was incredibly important that Hudson Pest Control worked covertly and behind the scenes in insuring that we dealt with our rat infestation rapidly and discreetly. We found Mark a pleasure to deal with, extremely polite and eager to help immediately in emergency situations. The service provided was carried out efficiently and was extremely competitively priced. We would not hesitate in recommending Mark and his company to anyone who wants rid of the unwanted! A true professional.
  • Sue Elleston Lafferty
    I felt I needed to express my gratitude regarding the above pest controller. He was extremely helpful and informative regarding my mice problem. His communication before, during and after care was 100%. I would not have any issues passing Marks details onto anyone who was in need of pest control. Professional at all times but always making sure the customer was updated in all aspects of work carried out.  Thanks Mark for your great customer care and a job well done... Excellent!!! Best regards, Sue Elleston Lafferty - Hitchin
    Sue Elleston Lafferty
  • Kirsty and Dan Berryman (Stanstead Abbotts)
    We were hugely impressed with Hudson's Pest Control. Mark helped us to eradicate some unwelcome furry visitors who took up residence in our kitchen whilst we were away on holiday and deal with a colony of feral honey bees in our chimney. He is extremely professional, friendly, knowledgable and very reliable. His no nonsense approach gave us reassurance that our problems would be dealt with as quickly as possible. Mark had it all under control, visiting us regularly until he was confident that the issues were dealt with. I wouldn't hesitate to use Mark again or to recommend his services to anyone else. Very refreshing to find such an exceptional level of service! Thanks again Mark Kirsty and Dan Berryman
    Kirsty and Dan Berryman (Stanstead Abbotts)
  • Jane, Jamie, Jadey, Freddy, Berty & Tilly-Rose.
    After finally being stung last summer by a determined wasp, Mark dealt quite brilliantly with this hysterical woman on the end of his phone. We were visited the very next morning, where we stable our ponies. The nest was located in seconds, the little.......! were zapped. Problem solved. So this year without hesitation i knew who to ring, Mark arrived that same day with Hudson. Eventually after zapping three wasp nests the whole family including baby grandson plus the ponies can enjoy the rest of the summer safely The ponies have plenty of grass now, without a hole insight to fall down, as Mark now, controls our once out of control rabbit population as well. Fantastic, so efficient, a real genuine guy, who is so obviously passionate about what he does, which is key when it comes to dealing with such an important heroic job. Thanks a million Jane, Jamie, Jadey, Freddy, Berty & Tilly-Rose.
    Jane, Jamie, Jadey, Freddy, Berty & Tilly-Rose.
  • Sue (Hitchin)
    It's always a worry when you need the help of a friendly professional to do the job right ... This is the second time I've had to call on MARK ? for his services ... No other PEST CONTROL guy would have the same warm, kind & customer friendly approach ??? I really cannot express what a courteous bloke he is. We had a naughty scratcher ??? in the loft, so with Marks expertise & knowledge and regular follow up visits we are pest free! ?????? If I ever need any further PEST advise, help or work done at a competitive rate & excellent customer care, he would definitely be the one I would call ☎️☎️☎️ A true ????? rating!!! With thanks again , Sue (Hitchin)
    Sue (Hitchin)
  • Joanna Floor
    Mark was a life saviour. As anyone who has had any activity of rats in their house will know, it is a horrible feeling and you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. We phoned the council first and they put bait down for 2 weeks but had to remove it after that due to health and safety, nothing was taken in that time so we assumed they had gone. Little did we know it would take a great deal of patience and careful monitoring by Mark to eventually get rid of them! Mark was a complete star and made sure that every possible nook and cranny was checked. His knowledge of the pests is huge and he knows that in order to do a good job you need to sit tight and wait until they have taken the bait. He made frequent visits and did not leave until the job was done. I would definitely recommend using Mark if you never want to have the problem again.
    Joanna Floor
  • Aelie Symons
    I have great respect for people who do their jobs well! Mark Pillinger is most definitely one of these people! It was shocking and upsetting to hear that ominous scratching on the ceiling above our heads! However Mark's service was excellent from beginning to end. He wasted no time once I contacted him. He arrived,communicated with us in a gentle, reassuring and confident manner, investigated our loft, found the sure signs of our unwelcome invader(s),checked for any key entry points outdoors and within the house, placed necessary ingredients strategically to trap them and then left agreeing to keep in touch with me and return to check. He returned regularly until all was happily silent for a few weeks.I would not hesitate to contact Mark in such circumstances again. We highly recommend him!
    Aelie Symons
  • Gemma and Will
    We just wanted to write to thank you for all your help. What started as a quick visit to help identify tiny bugs falling through our bathroom light fittings turned into a fairly lengthy mouse hunt that we had not anticipated but were very glad that you were here to help us resolve. Your calm approach was always reassuring and we knew you had the job under control from the beginning. Your honesty and reliability, following up every week or two with calls and visits and keeping us informed every step of the way were also greatly appreciated as well as your knowledge, advice and your willingness to answer any question we had. Thank you also for blocking up the possible entry points for the mice. Your level of service exceeded our expectations and we will not hesitate to recommend you to friends or anyone we know who needs your help. It was really nice to meet you (and the lovely Hudson!) and we wish you the best of luck in the future. In the nicest possible way we hope we won't need your help again but will not hesitate to call if we ever have any more unwanted visitors!
    Gemma and Will
  • Toby, Hitchin
    An excellent service, Mark was so thorough and reassuring in regards to our rat infestation, we cannot recommend him highly enough. Always available (even on a Saturday evening at 7pm!!), always friendly and always did what he said he would do, on time and with no fuss, Mark provided a service level that we have not experienced before across any service industry. If we ever have any more pest problems, Mark will be the first person we call and if Mark is in town for a beer, I would gladly take him to the local as he has become more of a friend than a service provider. Have a great New Year, and if ever you fancy a pint in Hitchin, drop me a text and I would be glad to buy you a couple as you truly have provided us with a first class service.
    Toby, Hitchin